Outdoor Advertising


At Top Medios we offer advertising on pedestrian bridges. Knowing that the potential consumer passes most of their day away from home, we always look up for the best market opportunity for our clients.

This kind of advertising offers our customers greater attention dratings, due to the fact that their ads are located within visual range and they are focused directly to the potential consumer. Our billboards and pedestrian bridges are a very powerful resource to reach a large audience, because they cover the main roads with modern and lit structures.

It’s noteworthy that all of our services and products have licenses and permits in proper order.


This advertising tool not only offers wide coverage for its announcers and innovative advertising, it also contributes to giving a better appearance of the city with its structures that provide services such as sun and rain protection, illumination and benches.

Top Medios offers innovative and effective communication strategies to take directly to the audience products and brands and/or public or private welfare campaigns.

► Strategic location on highly trafficked zones.
► It works perfectly to catch the attention of drivers, pedestrians and public transportation users.
► Promptness and flexibility when launching advertising campaigns.
► Permanent repetition, voluntary attention and speed in identifying the message (24 hours, 365 days a year).
► The strategic quality gives prestige to the advertised product thanks to the illuminated advertising cabinets.
► Low cost per impact versus other tools.
► They merge into the urban furniture and show an effective advertising means without falling into a bad management of resources, maximizing in this way, your investment.
► Although we are a mass media, we get to the target market.